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  • Anti-stress care

    Cocoa has been integrated to that range on behalf of its powerfull anti-oxydizing and anti-free radical properties. Its aim is to protect the skin from the numerous aggressions it is exposed to and to reconstruct cellular cement.

  • Men Care

    Discover your new skin’s Energy Drink by Bernard Cassière!! Formulation based on Taurine to restore radiance and energy. For Gentlemen only.

  • Eye Care

    Cornflower specific care

  • Intense brightening

    Intense brightening kiwi care

  • Radiance care

    Bernard Cassière innovates offering its first wrinkles/radiance care line with a natural ingredient from the superfruits family : POMEGRANATE !
    Pomegranate is one of the most popular superfruits thanks to its high anti-oxidative capacity, and its high content in vitamins and nutritive elements. Among the ingredients of this care line, natural origins AHAs have been selected: these are acids of superfruits (Cassis - Bilberry). They improve the exfoliating process of the skin to promote cell renewal.
    Choosing pomegranate and AHA superfruits, Bernard Cassière helps you to boost your skin to fight against first wrinkles and/or lack of radiance.

  • Oxygenating Care

    Bernard Cassière has joined with the University of Science and Technique of Limoges (France), and especially with its laboratory of chemistry of natural substances in order to evaluate the properties of the leading ingredient of the new oxygenating range:honey. It was demonstrated that the Acacia honey favours the regeneration of the skin, thanks to its composition in sugars, vitamins and oligo-elements. The honey is also recognized for its soothing, nourishing, moisturizing and stimulating properties.

    The honey oxygenating line developed by Bernard Cassière provides radiance and energy to dull and devitalised skins. The honey, combined to other actives, will favour the consumption of oxygen by the skin, and will reinforce keratolitic and anti-free radical properties of the products.

  • Global Anti-ageing care

    Because from 35-40 years old your skin needs to fight against the loss of radiance, discomfort, irregularity, the loss of elasticity and firmness, and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, Bernard Cassière has developed the Time Interceptor line.


    For a NEW FORMULA at the forefront of cosmetic anti-ageing prevention, BERNARD CASSIERE has selected Tiger nut extract(Cyperus esculentus). It is an anti-ageing ingredient from an African plant of papyrus family which prevents the appearance of ageing signs.

    Used for millennia, BERNARD CASSIERE has selected this extract because of its recognized properties to fight against the signs of ageing. Thanks in particular to its actions on the elasticity and
    firmness of the skin, Tiger nut extract provides a real strengthened effectiveness to the TIME INTERCEPTOR line.

    RESULT: A skin that visibly looks smoother and firmer: to be dazzlingly young !

    With Time Interceptor, Bernard Cassière continues its commitment in aid of a fair distribution of the wealth on our planet, introducing in this anti-ageing line fair trade ingredients.

  • Delicate skin

    It is a sign of the times, our skins get more and more sensitive as they are always more exposed to pollution and climatic changes.

  • Combination - oily skin

    Skin imperfections and overproduction of sebum characterizing oily skins are frequently observed among teenagers and
    young adults. But hormones and the effects of the environment (pollution, stress) can also encourage overproduction of sebum, blemishes or dilated pores regardless of the age. Indeed, hormone disorders, heat and humidity, even stressful conditions can cause imperfections. The new Bernard Cassière Mint-Lemon line for combination and oily skins targets 3 main problems of this skin type: excess sebum, dilated pores and skin imperfections.

  • Cleansers

    Milk for all skins
    Semi-fluid, smooth and unctuous. Gently cleanses the skins, dissolves and eradicates impurities and make-up... The grapefruit extract it contains refreshes the skin and lightens the complexion. Leaves the skin sound, supple, fresh and clean.

    Lotion for all skins
    Fresh and sooft, slightly astringent. Thanks to its original formula (cucumber and St John's-wort extracts) this lotion softens and tonifies the skin, tightens pores and lightens the complexion.

    Milk for oily skins
    Very fluid soft and fresh milk. It eliminates excessive sebaceous secretions, impurities and make-up without irritating the skin. The antiseptic and disinfectant properties of camphor ensure a perfect cleaning. It lightens the complexion and leaves the skin fresh and soft.

    Lotion for oily skins
    A soft and fresh lotion. Enriched in with hazel and sage extracts whose antiseptic, decongesting and astringent properties are well known. Freshens and purifies the skin, lightens the complexion and tightens the pores.

  • Hydrating care

    Bernard Cassière's hemp bamboo hydrating line has been especially designed to fight efficiently against cutaneous dehydration by increasing the skin's natural hydration level and offering a long lasting effect.

  • Dull Skins Detox

    Dull Skins Detox

  • Diamond Anti-Ageing

    More than a science,the formulation is an art...

    For the conception of this anti-ageing line, Bernard Cassière has dedicated its most experienced formulators, who, as jewelers, have carefully developed these formulas while paying attention to select the most precious, effective and at the cutting edge of technology ingredients...
    Elaborated carefully as jewelry, this line has been enriched with diamond powder and white pearl extract* to improve the quality and radiance of your skin...

    *Excepting the Diamond rejuvenative serum.